A litho-structural predictive model (the “LAURION’s Model”) based in part on the 2018 and 2019 exploration work, and interpreted the presence of a new structural corridor incorporating the main 3km x 1km Target Area at Ishkoday: the 6km wide gold bearing Ishkoday Deformation Zone (“IDZ”). Additional predictive modeling was performed by Mira Geoscience (“Mira”) of Montreal (Quebec), with the initial generation of a comprehensive 3-D imaging of the shear/deformation zones in and around Ishkoday.

Mira uses a group of modelling programs designed for 3D modelling and inversion of gravity, gravity gradient, total magnetic field, magnetic gradient, and TEM data. It can be used stand-alone, integrated within GOCADTM Mining Suite or used with Geoscience ANALYSTTM. Mira’s models are geologically based. They work directly with geological contact geometries as well as physical property distributions within geological units. This model parameterization lends itself to a variety of forward modelling and inversion applications. Geophysical data are interpreted in tight integration with the geological data. Mira combines the most practical and effective geophysical forward modelling and inversion, 3D geological modelling, and visualization technology for practical, geologically-driven solutions.

The Ishkoday model included lithologies, local faults and areas of potential enhanced quartz vein and sulphide development to concentre gold, silver, copper and zinc. The 3D model incorporated the project-wide database of diamond drilling; 14,992 individual samples with assays and geochemical analysis; geological mapping; and ground geophysical data. The 3D inversion model and Laurion’s Model provided a comprehensive initial product for the 2019 exploration campaign.

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